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Table of Contents

  1. Interior Door Prehanging
  2. Exterior Door Prehanging
  3. Architectural/Commercial Wood Door Machining Options
  4. Lock Machining Options
  5. Special Door Selection
  6. Paired Doors
  7. Other Machining Requirements
  8. Other Hinge Preparation
  9. Electrified Hardware
  10. Resizing Stock Flush Doors
  11. Dutch Doors (Flush Doors Only)
  12. Special Shapes (Flush Doors Only)
  13. Wicket Doors
  14. Transoms (Flush Doors Only)
  15. Lites and Louvers
  16. Speakeasy Labor Charges
  17. Custom Finishing

Interior Door Prehanging

  • All charges listed are additional and do not include the price of the door slab
  • Includes 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ Dull brass hinges
  • Includes ball catches installed on double door units
Jamb SpecieJamb WidthDoor HeightSingle Door
36″ Max
List Price
Double Door
72″ Max
List Price
FJ Pine4-9/16″6’8″$68.00$97.00
FJ Pine6-9/16″6’8″$88.00$117.00
FJ Pine4-9/16″8’0″$99.00$129.00
FJ Pine6-9/16″8’0″$109.00$143.00
A-Lam Pine4-9/16″6’8″$79.00$111.00
A-Lam Pine6-9/16″6’8″$99.00$134.00
A-Lam Pine4-9/16″8’0″$99.00$129.00
A-Lam Pine5-1/16″8’0″$113.00$153.00
Solid Pine4-9/16″6’8″$111.00$129.00
Solid Pine5-1/16″7’0″$124.00$149.00
Knotty Alder4-9/16″6’8″$150.00$209.00
Knotty Alder6-9/16″6’8″$165.00$229.00
Knotty Alder4-9/16″8’0″$210.00$269.00
Knotty Alder6-9/16″8’0″$235.00$299.00
Oak Lam4-9/16″6’8″$90.00$123.00
Oak Solid4-7/8″7’0″$172.00$229.00
Oak Solid4-7/8″8’0″$210.00$259.00
Additional ChargesList Price
US26D, US10B, or US3 Hinges$2.00 per hinge
T-Astragal with flush bolt at top$30.00

Exterior Door Prehanging

  • All charges listed are additional and do not include the price of the door slab
  • Includes 4″ x 4″ Dull brass residential plain bearing hinges with 1/4″ radius
  • Includes bronze weatherstrip
  • Includes bronze adjustable sill with brown sweep
  • Double doors have wood weatherstripped T-astragal with head and foot bolt
Single Door
36″ Max Width
List Price
Double Door
36″ Max Width
List Price
FJ Pine4-9/16″6’8″$164.00$415.00
FJ Pine6-9/16″6’8″$224.00$505.00
FJ Pine7-1/4″6’8″$244.00$515.00
Solid Pine4-9/16″6’8″$199.00$449.00
Solid Pine6-9/16″6’8″$252.00$549.00
Solid Pine6-7/8″8’0″$319.00$647.00
Knotty Alder4-9/16″8’0″$312.00$645.00
Knotty Alder6-9/16″8’0″$420.00$795.00
Oak Solid4-9/16″7’0″$395.00$690.00
Oak Solid4-7/8″8’0″$470.00$825.00
Oak Solid6-9/16″8’0″$565.00$949.00
4-Ever Frame4-9/16″6’8″$290.00$639.00
4-Ever Frame4-9/16″8’0″$321.00$735.00
4-Ever Frame6-9/16″8’0″$427.00$894.00
1-Door 1-Sidelite
18″ Max SL Width
Adder List Price
1-Door 2-Sidelites
18″ Max SL Width
Adder List Price
36″ Max Width
Adder List Price
72″ Max Width
Adder List Price
FJ Pine4-9/16″6’8″$260.00$385.00$29.00$34.00
FJ Pine6-9/16″6’8″$285.00$429.00$29.00$34.00
FJ Pine7-1/4″6’8″$295.00$439.00$29.00$34.00
Solid Pine4-9/16″6’8″$275.00$409.00$50.00$60.00
Solid Pine6-9/16″6’8″$299.00$459.00$50.00$60.00
Solid Pine6-7/8″8’0″$329.00$509.00$50.00$60.00
Knotty Alder4-9/16″8’0″$329.00$515.00$114.00$137.00
Knotty Alder6-9/16″8’0″$370.00$599.00$114.00$137.00
Oak Solid4-9/16″7’0″$375.00$609.00$164.00$196.00
Oak Solid4-7/8″8’0″$399.00$665.00$164.00$196.00
Oak Solid6-9/16″8’0″$450.00$759.00$164.00$196.00
4-Ever Frame4-9/16″6’8″$349.00$637.00$88.00$105.00
4-Ever Frame4-9/16″8’0″$375.00$646.00$88.00$105.00
4-Ever Frame6-9/16″8’0″$417.00$669.00$88.00$105.00
Additional ChargesList Price
US26D, US10B, or US3 Hinges$2.00 per hinge
Install double bore anchor plate$48.00

Architectural/Commercial Wood Door Machining Options

Standard preparation of wood door for wood or hollow metal frame includes:

  • Bevel lock side to width not to exceed 3/8″ undersize
  • Trim to length not to exceed 7/8″ undersize
  • Mortise 3 or 4 butt hinges and square corners
  • Bore for cylindrical lock (2-1/8″) and mortise for latch bolt face if required
  • Mark with door number
  • Poly bag
Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
First door each set up
Includes hinges, cyl lock, alignment holes
Customer coordinated Windor diagram deduct
Approved machining diagram is required for all premachining
Each additional door of same size and machining$51.00

Lock Machining Options

Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
Alignment holes for cylindrical leversPM65$9.00
Mortise lock pocket and face plate
Does not include boring face function holes
Mortise lock with face function holesPM3$76.00
Mortise hotel card lockPM66$89.00
Unit/Mono lockPM4$43.00
Cylindrical deadbolt and latch (2-1/8″ only)PM5$19.00
Cylindrical through hole other than 2-1/8″ diameterPM6$30.00
Panic/Exit device
Includes mortise pocket and/or special face prep
Flush pull, partial through 1 facePM68$64.00
Flush pulls, back/back, hole through doorPM69$83.00
Edge pull (Rockwood T-880 or similar)PM70$45.00
Full mortise pocket door lock (Accurate, Inox)PM71$150.00
Pocket door pull-edge notchPM72$37.00
Roller catch, mortise type, top or edge mountedPM73$42.00
Prep inactive door top for ball catchPM14$21.00

Special Door Selection (Stock Doors Only)

Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
Select door for specific color or grainPM8$36.00
Pair match stock doors for compatible color and grain
Exact pair match and uniform colors can only be achieved by the architectural door manufacturer
PM9$59.00 per pair

Paired Doors

Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
Prep door edges for flush bolts at top & bottom corners
Manual corner type only
Prep for auto flush bolt
Include (2) stainless steel end caps #4901172001
Prep door edge for extended rod flush bolts
Includes rod hole and prep of top & bottom corners
Additional prep for metal edge and astragal if used with fire rated pairsPM13$68.00
Prep inactive door edge for strikePM15$13.00

Other Machining Requirements

Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
20 Minute Label
(Cost of 45, 60, or 90 minute label is included in door price)
Radius stilePM17$68.00
Concealed closer preparationPM18$137.00
Concealed overhead stop preparationPM19$102.00
Mortised automatic door bottomPM20$62.00
Drill for door viewerPM22$7.00

Other Hinge Preparation

  • Does not include hardware costs
Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
Bommer type floor mount spring hinge
Include radius on lock edge of door for double swing operation
Floor mount Bommer type spring hinge in hollow core doors
Requires special blocking
Pivot hinge preparation
Top & bottom only
Intermediate pivotPM26$84.00
Paumelle hinge preparationPM27$190.00
Invisible Soss type hinge preparation (3)PM28$232.00

Electrified Hardware

Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
EPT PrepPM60$152.00
Raceway in flush door from electric hinge or EPT to lockPM21$140.00
Raceway in stile & rail door from electric hinge or EPT to lockPM61$241.00
Raceway in full lite door (additional groove under glass stops)PM62$160.00
Raceway from EPT to back of exit devicePM63$91.00
Prep wood frame for electrical strikePM64$86.00

Resizing Stock Flush Doors

Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
Special height, no re-rail
Some stock doors are available with extended to and/or bottom rails
Special height for non-rated and 20 minute rated with re-railPM30$89.00
Special height for 45, 60, and 90 minute rated with re-railPM31$140.00
Special width (restile) for non-rated and 20 minute rated mill option materialPM32$123.00
Special width (restile) for non-rated and 20 minute matching edgePM33$166.00
Special width (restile) for 45, 60, and 90 minute fire rated edgePM34$258.00
Undersize door for continuous hinge (no restile)PM67$26.00

Dutch Doors (Flush Doors Only)

  • Non-rated doors
  • Cut from one single door
Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
With straight cut – no shelf or rabbet
Includes top rail in bottom leaf matching specie to stile with no end grain exposed at corners and a new rail in bottom of top leaf
With interlocking rabbet 1/2″ x 13/16″PM36$243.00
With shelf for bottom leaf in same wood specie to match door face
Unless otherwise specified, shelf will be 8″ wide, 1-3/4″ thick, flush to hinge side with overhang opposite hinge side
Additional machining costs
Including 1/8″ spacing between upper and lower leaf, additional hinge pocket, and preparation of both leaves for cylindrical lock if required

Special Shapes (Flush Doors Only)

  • Non-rated doors
  • Exposed edge matching specie to stile
Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
Rake top (clipped corner)PM39$190.00
Round or radius top
Template required unless full half circle

Wicket Doors

  • Non-rated doors, add to slab door price
  • Does not include machining primary door
  • Only lumber core (DSC) or structural lumber core (DCL) can be used for wicket doors
  • Includes cutting wicket section from a single flush door slab
  • Matching species stiles and rails in wicket section and internal stiles and rails in primary door
  • Wicket machined for butt, piano, or continuous hinges and cylindrical lock or deadbolt
Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
Wood doorsPM41$1375.00
Plastic laminatePM42$1700.00
Piano hinge, zinc finishPM43$40.00
Aluminum angle wicket door stopPM44$121.00
Veneered metal astragal wicket door stopPM45$240.00
Interlocking rabbeted stop in wicket and primary doorPM46$262.00
Shelf, matching specie with bracketsPM47$144.00

Transoms (Flush Doors Only)

  • Non-rated doors only
  • Cut from one single door
  • Includes full length rail in bottom of transom and new top rail in door
  • If transom cannot be cut from one single door, add the cost of one additional door slab to the following charges
Additional ChargesLabor CodeList Price
Straight cut with edge banded bottom rail
Matching specie rail and vertical grain match both faces of door and transom
Interlocking rabbet 1/2″ x 13/16″
Matching specie and rail
Install 2 pair spring bolts in transom
Includes spring bolts
Spline 2 transoms for paired openingsPM51$295.00

Lites and Louvers

For Particle, Stave, or Mineral Core Flush Wood DoorsLabor CodeList Price
Cut hole only for lite or louverPM52$34.00 per hole
Cut hole and install lite or louver
Setup charge for first door
Cut hole and install lite or louver
Setup charge for each additional door
For Hollow Core Flush Wood DoorsLabor CodeList Price
Cut hole and install lite or louver
Setup charge for first door
Includes inner blocking
Cut hole and install lite or louver
Setup charge for each additional door
Includes inner blocking

Notes and limitations for cutouts in flush wood doors:
Exceptions apply in DCL doors for larger lites.
Door warranty will be void if:
1. Total cutout area is greater than 40% of total door area
2. Any cutout is closer than 5-1/2″ to door edge, hardware hole, or any other lite or louver cutout

Vision lites for fire rated wood doors

20 Minute
1. May use either metal vision frame or rated wood stops
2. Louvers are not permitted
3. Maximum lite area is 1296 sq inches for single swing doors
4. Maximum lite area is 1200 sq inches for paired doors
5. Maximum width is 30″
6. Maximum length is 54″ (80″ in DCL doors)

45 Minute
1. Must use rated metal vision frame
2. Fusible link louvers permitted
3. Maximum lite area is 1200 sq inches
4. Maximum width is 30″
5. Maximum length is 54″

60 & 90 Minute
1. Must use rated metal vision frame
2. Fusible link louvers permitted
3. Maximum lite area is 100 sq inches
4. Maximum length is 33″

Speakeasy Labor Charges

  • Note: There is no charge for installation of clavos with speakeasy
DescriptionList Price
Cut speakeasy hole in door and install:
1/4″ Clear tempered glass
Cut speakeasy hole in door and install:
1/2″ Clear insulated glass
Add-on to install speakeasy door over glass
Includes iron speakeasy door hardware
Does not include above labor charge to cut hole and install glass

Custom Finishing

Standard Colors for Wood Products:








Flush DoorsProduct CodeList Price
Flush Wood DoorsPRF10$140.00
Flush Wood Doors With Lite MoldingPRF11$180.00
Flush Wood Doors With Cutout OnlyPRF12$155.00
Raised Molding (Per Face)PRF13$270.00
Flush Door Over 36″ WidePRF14$200.00
Flush Door Over 96″ HeightPRF15$200.00
Lead Lined or STC Sound DoorPRF16$220.00
Refinish Door Edge OnlyPRF17$90.00
Interior Stile & Rail DoorsProduct CodeList Price
Raised or Flat PanelPRF20$230.00
Full Lite GlassPRF21$260.00
Divided LitePRF22$310.00
Exterior Stile & Rail Wood DoorsProduct CodeList Price
Raised or Flat PanelPRF60$440.00
Full PlankPRF61$380.00
Full Lite GlassPRF62$340.00
Divided LitePRF63$520.00
Decorative Glass (Rectangular)PRF64$500.00
Shaped Glass (Oval, Round, Arch Top)PRF65$630.00
Fiberglass DoorsProduct CodeList Price
Fiberglass Panel DoorPRF24$380.00
Fiberglass Door With Door LitePRF25$440.00
Fiberglass Sidelite (With Door Unit)PRF26$300.00
Jambs & FramesProduct CodeList Price
Interior Jamb SetPRF50$130.00
Exterior Single Swing Door FramePRF7$300.00
Exterior Sidelite Frame (With Door Unit)$260.00
Misc FinishingProduct CodeList Price
Casing, Base, BrickmoldPRF80$5.00 per LF
Custom Color MatchingPRFCM$130.00
Glazed FinishPRFGLAdd 60% of Base Door Finishing Cost
Distress DoorPRFDR$390.00
Distress Exterior FramePRFDF$290.00

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