Interior Flat Jambs

MaterialDoor HeightJamb WidthProduct CodeList Price
Primed FJ Pine6’8″4-9/16″31P45/68$11.00
Primed FJ Pine8’0″4-9/16″31P45/80$15.00
Primed FJ Pine6’8″4-7/8″31P48/68$13.80
Primed FJ Pine6’8″6-9/16″31P65/68$24.00
Primed FJ Pine7’0″4-7/8″31P48/70$13.80
Primed FJ Pine7’0″5″31P50/70$13.80
Primed FJ Pine8’0″4-9/16″31P45/80$15.00
Primed FJ Pine8’0″4-7/8″31P48/80$16.00
Primed FJ Pine8’0″6-7/8″31P68/80$28.00
Raw FJ Pine6’8″4-9/16″31B45/68$10.50
Raw FJ Pine8’0″4-9/16″31B45/80$17.00
Raw FJ Pine6’8″6-9/16″31B65/68$20.50
Raw FJ Pine8’0″6-9/16″31B65/80$23.20
A-Lam Pine6’8″4-9/16″31A45L/68$16.00
A-Lam Pine6’8″6-9/16″31A65L/68$30.00
A-Lam Pine8’0″4-9/16″31A45L/80$19.80
Solid White Pine6’8″4-9/16″31A45/68$22.00
Solid White Pine7’0″5-1/16″31A51/70$27.50
Solid White Pine8’0″5-1/16″31A51/80$32.00
Knotty Alder6’8″4-9/16″31KA45/68$35.00
Knotty Alder8’0″4-9/16″31KA45/80$47.50
Knotty Alder8’0″6-9/16″31KA65/80$67.00
Oak Lam6’8″4-9/16″31O45L/68$23.60
Solid Oak7’0″4-7/8″31O48/70$56.00
Solid Oak8’0″4-7/8″31O48/80$68.00

20 Minute Flat Jamb Sides with T-Stop

  • Pricing does not include charges to machine door, costs for hinges, or other hardware
  • Other wood species available by special order
  • Higher fire label ratings may be available up to 90 min by special order
MaterialDescriptionDoor HeightProduct CodeList Price
Red Oak5-1/16″ Flat Jamb Side with T-Slot7’0″31O50/70/TS20$64.50
Red OakT-Stop7’0″3OTS/7$26.00
Red Oak5-1/16″ Flat Jamb Side with T-Slot8’0″31O50/80/TS20$69.30
Red OakT-Stop8’0″33OTS/8$27.40
White Maple5-1/16″ Flat Jamb Side with T-Slot7’0″31M50/70/TS20$76.50
White MapleT-Stop7’0″33MTS/7$32.00
White Maple5-1/16″ Flat Jamb Side with T-Slot8’0″31M50/80/TS20$85.40
White MapleT-Stop8’0″33MTS/8$38.00

20 Minute Flat Jamb with T-Stop Complete Sets

  • Includes 2 sides and head for single swing door
  • Machined for butt hinges and strike
  • 20 Minute label attached
MaterialDoor HeightProduct CodeList Price
Red Oak7’0″31O50/20/7$286.00
Red Oak8’0″31O50/20/8$308.00
White Maple7’0″31M50/20/7$332.20
White Maple8’0″31M50/20/8$361.20

These options are available in stock while supplies last.