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Thank you for you choosing Windor Supply & Mfg. as your door supplier. We take great pride in the doors we manufacture and distribute, and strive to use only the finest kiln dried material from the most reliable mills. Before leaving our plant, your door has been sanded and inspected for defects in materials and workmanship. Hand sanding is required prior to the application of any stain, paint, or other finishing materials to remove scratches, handling marks, hand prints, water spots, and other marks which may affect the appearance of the door.


Doors manufactured by Windor Supply & Mfg. (except those doors expressly excluded from this Warranty) are warranted for five (5) years for interior use or one (1) year for exterior use from date of substantial completion to be of good material and workmanship and to be free from defects at the time of completion that would render them unserviceable or unfit for the ordinary purpose for which each door is recommended.

Should the warranted door be found to contain defects as stated above, Windor Supply & Mfg. will, at its option, either (1) repair the door without charge, or (2) replace the door without charge in the same stage of fitting and/or finishing as it was originally supplied.

In the event a defect is found, written notice must be given to Windor within thirty (30) days of discovery of the defect. Windor Supply & Mfg. shall not be held liable for the cost of doors repaired or replaced without its prior written consent.


Warp shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds 1/4 inch in the plane of the door. Doors wider than 3’0” or taller than 8’0” are not warranted against warp, bow or twist. Warp is any distortion in the door itself, and does not refer to the relation of the door to the frame or jamb in which it is hung. The term warp shall include bow, cup or twist. In measuring the amount of warp present in a door, the following method shall be used: Bow, Cup and Twist shall be measured by placing a straightedge, taut wire or string on the suspected concave face of the door at any angle (i.e. horizontally, vertically, diagonally), with the door in its installed position. The measurement of bow, cup and twist shall be made at the greatest distance between of the straight edge, taut wire or string and the face of the door.


All doors containing glass and adjacent side lites will contain laminated safety glass as required by Federal Law. Glass assembled with lead or brass came (also known as handcrafted glass), is exempted from this requirement. All glass is warranted to be free of cracks and defects at the time of shipment. Glass should be carefully checked upon receipt. Acceptance of the door or window at the point of delivery releases Windor Supply from all liability for defective or broken glass.
INSULATED GLASS – All sealed double pane glass is warranted for ten (10) years to be free of condensation between the panes of glass. This warranty covers the replacement of the glass panel only and does not extend to the cost of labor or materials for installation, refinishing or painting. All claims for seal failure must be in writing and accompanied with a copy of the paid invoice specifically listing the product in warranty.
1. Seal failure caused by movement of the structure.
2. Leaded glass sandwiched between sealed insulated units.
3. Deterioration of the Butyl Rubber Sealant caused by heat or direct contact with unsealed wood.

Doors manufactured by others may have extended warranties. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty for additional warranty coverage and exclusions or limitations.


Wood is a natural product that may vary greatly in color, texture and moisture content. Therefore, the following are excluded from this warranty:
1. The appearance of field finished doors is not covered by the Warranty in any event. Natural variations in color or texture are not defects.
2. Splitting, surface checking, and cracks that occur in the grain lines of the wood are not defects. Splits along glue lines that allow daylight through the door are covered by the warranty.
3. Leakage or warpage resulting from the door improperly hung or installed is not covered. Inadequate shimming, caulking, alignment to plumb and square conditions, weather stripping, adjustments of the door to the sill, or other adverse installation conditions will void the warranty.
4. Deterioration, leakage or warpage caused by the failure to thoroughly seal all six surfaces of the door immediately after installation.
5. Deterioration caused by leakage between the door and glass as a result of removing the paint bead between the wood and glass.
6. The costs of rehanging, installation, or refinishing a new door supplied or repaired under warranty are covered.
7. Failure to follow the guide for handling, job finishing, and installation of wood doors will void the warranty.


1. Doors should always be stored flat, (not leaning), in clean, dry surroundings with supports no less than 30” apart..

2. Doors should not be exposed to excessive heat, dryness, humidity, or direct sunlight prior to finishing.

3. Handle doors with clean gloves and do not drag across each other or other surfaces.

4. Doors should not be delivered to job site until after plaster or cement is dry. If doors are stored at job site for more than one week, all faces and edges MUST be sealed.

5. All hardware locations, preparations for hardware, and methods of hardware attachments must be appropriate for the specific door.

6. All doors 7’ and under MUST have 3 hinges. Doors over 7’ MUST have 4 hinges. Hinges MUST be of appropriate size and weight for the door.

7. Prior to finishing the door, it must be thoroughly sanded to remove all handling marks with 150 – 200 grit or finer sandpaper and remove all sanding dust.

8. Apply sealer, primer or first coat of the required finish immediately after fitting, cutting for hardware, weatherstripping, etc., and before the installation of any hardware or hanging of the door.

9. All exposed surfaces of the door MUST be sealed, including the top and bottom edges AND hardware cutouts.

10. Use only oil-based stains, sealers or primers on the door. If water-based paint is to be used, it MUST be applied over an oil-based primer. Lacquer and lacquer base finishes are not acceptable for exterior doors and will invalidate the warranty. All door surfaces, including the top, bottom and sides of the door MUST be finish coated with a minimum of 2 coats of a good quality exterior grade paint or varnish, regardless of whether the door is for interior or exterior use.

11. In order not to induce warpage or excessive deterioration of the door. Dark stains or dark paint colors on door surfaces exposed to direct sunlight are strongly discouraged.

12. Most all finishes on exterior doors deteriorate very quickly. In order for exterior doors to continue receiving the protection required, inspect the condition of exterior finishes at least once a year and refinish as often as needed to maintain the protective integrity of the finish.

14. All doors with glass (except leaded, decorative, exposed glass) are manufactured with laminated safety glass. This glass is relatively soft and scratches easily. Remove excess paint or finish off the glass with a brass or plastic scraper. If razor blades or steel knives are used, inspect frequently and change often. DO NOT remove paint or varnish from the bead holding the glass. A small amount of paint should remain around the bead to prevent leakage.

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