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Fire rated doors are used in buildings to prevent the passage of fire and smoke between two compartments or areas. They are used as a passive means of protecting people and property from fires.

Doors and frames are given a fire-resistance rating after extensive testing. Once tested, the door and frame receive a label that describes the amount of time the component is expected to provide protection when exposed to fire. For this reason, the door and frame must include a rating label.

A permanent label is attached to the door panel and the door frame. Below is a list of the fire labels that Windor Supply & Mfg Inc is authorized to attach to fire rated doors and frames:

  • 20 Minute Door
  • 45 Minute Door
  • 60 Minute Door
  • 90 Minute Door
  • 20 Minute Frame
  • 20 Minute Frame With Transom or Sidelite
  • 45 Minute Frame
  • 60 Minute Frame
  • 90 Minute Frame
  • Smoke & Draft Control Frame
  • Positive Pressure
  • Surface Mounted Hardware

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